OOTD: Too Legit To Quit

ootd_too legit to quit7

As an 11 year old I received some sage advice from my uncle Stanley, or as most people know him, MC Hammer! In his wise words he rapped said I’m goin’ for all that I can get, kickin’ at the top cause I’m too legit to quit…sing!  With his dope rhymes a seed was sown and to this day when I’m doubting myself either at work, on the blog or life in general I turn to his fabulous genius and remember that I am indeed too legit to quit!

ootd_too legit to quit3

All jokes aside I saw this top online and I knew being a ‘tween when bad 90s rap was at it’s peak I just had to get it. After some hacking away on the neckline to bring it from the 90s all the way back into the 80s, with a touch of the Jennifer Beale’s, I’m in lurrrrve!

ootd_too legit to quit2

I initially bought it with the intention of wearing it to the gym but once I adjusted the neckline I feel like this is way too good to just sweat in and it needs to be seen in a proper ensemble. I kinda like the look of a dressed up sweater – dare I say am I starting to accept “sport luxe”? I doubt it! I think the 80s vibe definitely helps!

So tell me, what wise words from former rappers to you live by?

ootd_too legit to quit_5

ootd_too legit to quit_1Sweater: Cotton On, Skirt: Francesca’s, Shoes: Styletread, Bag: Vintage

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  1. See now this outfit is everything I’ve ever needed in life! Hammer-effing-time! Looove the slogan and the slouchy neckline too- how did you cut it boo? Every time I try and do it to my tees it doesn’t hang right! Did you cut straight across or in a slant? ♥

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