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Holiday Inspo with Paperless Post

funny xmas cards collage 2

The other day I received a postcard in the mail from an old friend who had been on vacay in NYC. To say I was excited to open my letterbox and find it inside instead of a bill or a pizza delivery flyer would be an understatement! Everyone I speak to about it loves to receive snail mail but so few of us actually send anything the good old fashioned way and it’s so sad.

funny xmas cards collage 1

With Christmas only 6 weeks away *gulp* I thought it was time I pulled together my list of people I want to send cards to and ACTUALLY send them out this year. Paperless Post have these gorgeous cards that are so perfect for the holiday season. There’s an option to send them out online or in the mail, which is so much more exciting! I love that they’re a mix of traditional, which I’d send to family, and oh so naughty, which would definitely go out to friends.

xmas invites collageFun invites!

traditional xmas cards collage 1

So while I’m playing Santa with this fabulous stationery who wants to receive a Christmas card from me this year? If you’re looking for a little letterbox love drop me a note at and I’ll pop you on my “Naught or Nice” list.

santa rosieDo you still send out traditional holiday cards at this time of year?

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  1. This is SO ADORABLE! Eeee I love these cards! Snail mail is so underrated- I think it’s so thoughtful when someone takes the time to send me something in the post. You’re the cutest! The “Deck Yourself Before you Wreck Yourself” one made me snort-laugh ♥

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