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Stocking Stuffers With Stabilo

Stabilo_colouring in book3

**This post has been sponsored by Stabilo – all opinions are 100% my own**

What’s that saying?: Youth is wasted in the young. Ugh, it so, so is!! (Yes I’m only 35, but I have the soul of an 85 year old woman so I can say these kinds of things!) There are certain “childish” things I wish we could still do as adults without getting some major side-eye; spinning around in a circle til you fall over, eating ALL of the ice cream and whiling away the day colouring in…..WAIT! Now you can!

Colouring in books for adults have become the biggest hit of 2015 and scientists liken it to meditation for those that can’t get into it *ahem, me!* According to neuropsychologist and neuroscientist Dr Stan Rodski, it makes perfect sense; “Watching children and the way that they relax while colouring really prompted the idea [sic].”

Stabilo_colouring in book2

With the jolly fat man making an appearance any day now so too are our stress levels (hello, I had to take a blog break! WTF?!) In order to de-stress and try something new I jumped at the chance when Stabilo wanted to send me a set of coloured pens and “The Mindfulness Colouring In Book” by Emma Farrarons. It aims to stimulate creativity, relieve anxiety and promote wellness – and would make a fabulous stocking stuffer for any of those adults you know who just need to chill the hell out (I have a few in mind).

And let me tell you, once I started I didn’t want to stop! I had such a lovely time on Sunday evening lazing in bed and choosing colour combo’s. I felt very blissed out and Zen! Thankfully, unlike my childhood, I managed to not get any marker all over my hands, or my face (anyone else who was a messy kid?!).

Stabilo_colouring in bookAnyone else try this new craze? How are you finding your stress levels afterwards?

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  1. *squeals* GIRL!! I loved this post! Pics are so cute and you know I’m a huge advocate for self care and trying to calm the f*ck down. I bought meself a little colouring book and some crayons ages ago- after reading this I can’t wait to get stuck in. Did you feel calmer? ♥

  2. Apparently there is a decent range of adult colouring books at Kmart, but I haven’t been in to check them out yet. I was thinking of getting an adult colouring book and some pencils or textas for my Secret Santa gift. There are definitely some people around here that need to Zen out hahaha.

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