OOTD: Birds of a Feather

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  February is here and it’s going to be a HUUUUUUUGE month for funsies! My calendar is jam packed with concerts, dinners, fun runs and catch-ups and I can hear my wallet screaming for me to calm the fuck down. There really is only one solution for it and that’s to go on a shopping ban, plain and simple! Every now and then I pop these self imposed shopping bans on myself when my wardrobe is getting a little out of hand (as it is now) or I’m saving up for a trip (alas, nothing in the foreseeable future).

What better time to start my ban than next week and the start of Lent? I’m not über religious but I do like to do the old fasting every year, I think it’s good for the soul AND for the waistline! This year will be no different – I’ll still be stepping away from the chocolate and the chips (my vice!!) until Easter but I’ll also be steering clear of my beloved Kmart and refrain from buying clothes, shoes and make-up! Let’s see if I’m strong enough…cue Cher.

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Aside from trying to save myself some moolah this ban has come about because I’m sick of constantly breaking coat hangers trying to jam clothes into my wardrobe – it’s that bad! I also can’t see everything I own, like my leopard print kimono. My first solution would be to have a walk-in wardrobe installed but that ain’t going to be happening any time soon, so this will have to be the next best thing. BUT before the ban I may just be stocking up for the loooooong six weeks ahead. Like this top I recently nabbed from H&M, isn’t it cute?! It’s so soft and comfy and been getting a lot of compliments in the office. I may have also just jumped online and bought some wet-look jeans on sale from Cotton On…BUT THAT’S IT…I’m putting down the credit card!

What about you dollface, are you a chronic shopper? I may shop on a budget but all that adds up slowly but surely. What’s your vice? Will you be giving anything up for Lent?

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ootd_birds of a feather_1

Shirt: H&M / Skirt: Sussan / Shoes: Rubi Shoes (similar) / Clutch: Francesca’s


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  1. I started reading your post because of the adorable top. I stayed because of the gorgeous shoes. You are always so stylish. I sadly live in yoga pants and t-shirts. Seriously…I even wear yoga pants to work.

  2. LOVE the shirt AND the necklace. I try to be good, but sometimes you just need some retail therapy you know? Unfortunately our bills over the next few months will be many so I am taking on a lot of overtime shifts at work and am being very tight with the budget.

  3. I’m dying. I’m actually dying at how perfect this outfit is. I absolutely love the top, so soft and feminine. And the necklace is too adorable! The pop of colour from the scarf is perfect and OMG THE SHOES. I want to stand and give you a slow-clap. God I love you xo

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