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Miss Muddy 2016


Excuse me, but I’m feeling a little Christina Aguilera coming on…. “wanna get dirty, it’s about time that I came to start this party!” Yes, dear dollfaces, I’m about to start this party and take part in the most fun, all gal, obstacle mud festival known as Miss Muddy 2016.

When my fellow Melbourne blogger pals, Bloggers United, asked if I’d like to join a team of fierce girls to not only run through an obstacle course but also jump in mud, get splashed in the face with colour cannons, get dunked in a sea of foam AND raise money for charity I immediately screamed – I’M IN!!

Miss Muddy is an Australia wide, 5km fun run in its third year and it’s designed for all fitness levels from couch potato to Olympic athlete. The event is all about having fun while raising some much needed funds for the McGrath Foundation, a charity that promotes breast cancer awareness and does some amazing work placing McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities across Australia.

Some of you may know that I love to keep fit and active and have done loads of different fun runs throughout the years but I’ve never participated in an obstacle course so I’m so excited to be heading to Miss Muddy. I’m looking forward to swinging like a monkey, crawling like a snake and ending up as dirty as pig!! BRING IT ON. Of course I’ll be sharing all the highlights and lowlights (hey there may be talk of mud in my butt crack, I ain’t afraid to go there!) of the event so stay tuned!


We would love to have your support by sponsoring our fundraising page here:: Any amount is fabulous and you’re an absolute angel if you do!!

It’s also not too late for you to get involved if you want to get down and drrrrrty right along with me and the girls. We’ll be lacing up on the 27th of February but it’s right across the country until October…


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