OOTD: Team Rockets!

ootd_team rockets_2!

I don’t know about you, dollface, but I’m not a huge sports lover. Sure, sure I love to PLAY and participate in sports, but to watch them is a different story. OK, if you twist my arm I don’t mind having to watching hunky, muscular men wrestle for a ball if I HAVE to (I’m only human after all!) but I’d rather be sitting sipping a latte and reading my book. Coming from a sports mad city like Melbourne that’s kinda unheard of! I guess when they were handing out the obsession I was shopping? I blame it on never being a part of a sports club growing up, I was always a solo track star runner and only had to worry about my own performance.

ootd_team rockets_1!

ootd_team rockets_7!

I saw this sweater while out foraging in H&M over the Christmas break (why do shops turn into a complete shit fight over the holiday season? It’s as if everyone turns into a complete feral and doesn’t know how to conduct themselves properly!!). I’m a huge sucker for anything with my initials on it and am always keeping an eye out in case there are some interesting pieces out there.

I immediately envisioned an outfit and could see myself as a kind of, sort of cheerleader for a team, but what team would I be shouting my lungs out for? Seeing as I don’t have a favourite, who would I be cheering on? And then it hit me. Well, duh! Team Rockets of course! When in doubt always back yourself, hey?

Are you a sports nut? What are your favourites to watch and do you play anything??

ootd_team rockets_6!

Top & Skirt: H&M // Sneakers: Shoe Palace (Vegas) // Clutch: Colette

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