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Pheeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! As predicted February has been a mammoth month, and it’s not even over! There’s still a huge weekend coming up and it looks like it’s set to be a huge March too (woohoo, birthday month!).

On the last weekend in January I finally got down the NGV and saw the Warhol/Weiwei exhibition which I’d been excited to see. It’s a massive show spread throughout the gallery and once again I was in heaven being able to see Warhol originals up close and in the flesh. For those not in the know, I’m a Warhol fanatic and as a teenager I used to pour over every book and video I could get my hands on about him. Not only was I a fan of his art but also the whole 70s/80s Factory scene and would lament the fact that I was born too late and in the wrong country for I was destined to be a Warhol Superstar!  This exhibition is on til the end of April so if you’re in Melbourne I’d highly recommend seeing it.


As usual my fat girl, Andi, gives me nothing but laughs. Here she is lolling about out the back and was quite upset I’d caught her. She is a funny old cat. What’s even funnier is the little handbag dog I saw on the train. At first I thought it was a stuffed toy, the thing was so fluffy!! I wish I could carry Andi about like this but she’d 1) no way sit so still and quiet and 2) probably cause me shoulder damage (sorry chunky girl!).

lately_feb_02_concerts1 lately_feb_03_concerts2

You all know I love music (derrrr, Sunday Sessions, helloooooo!) and going to live shows but it’s been an unusually big month for concerts. I had Bananarama and the first of Rob Thomas’ shows booked in and then Prince (yes, THE purple one) announced some shows last minute and I was lucky enough to score some tickets. Of course there was a strict “no photographs” policy so alas no pics. It was also ridiculously expensive and very short, but the way these rock stars are dying around us I didn’t want to chance not seeing him again!


February also heralded the start of Lent. As I’ve mentioned before, I usually give up something every year, more so for a personal challenge rather than religious reasons. This year I’ve given up chocolate (gasp), chips (sigh) and shopping (the horror!). This has by no means stopped me eating up a storm – especially at breakfast time, which so happens to be my most favourite meal of the day. I have had some truly delicious breakfasts out this month, some with friends and family and some on my lonesome and have even managed to order double brekky’s because I couldn’t decide on just the one.

lately_feb_4_new races hat

Silly shenanigans at work where I happened to fashion this fab headpiece from some decorations we had lying about. I think this may just be my new hat for the races this year, what do you think?


Even more food! This may just be the BEST smoothie bowl I have made.

I also had a hot date on Valentine’s Day….my parents took me out to lunch! They’re really my kind of date; they pay for lunch (yes!) and tell me my clothes are great. Oh and they love me unconditionally haha!

lately_feb_12_the goldfinch_donna tartt

My reading habit is definitely back! I finished Gillian Flynn’s short story The Grownup and then started Donna Tartt’s huge novel The Goldfinch. I have about 100 pages to go which I know I will smash through by the end of the month. This has been on my “to – read” list for a while and I highly recommend it. It’s slow paced but at the same time it’s a definite page turner. Have you read it? What do you think? DON’T TELL ME THE ENDING!

lately_feb_11_run for hope

As I mentioned the other day I have Miss Muddy coming up this weekend which I can’t wait to take part in it! Last week I had a little local fun run, Run For Hope, which I did with my sister, brother and SIL. It was a cracking day out and we also had a fab brekky (of course) afterwards. I only do fun runs for the goody bags and the brekky out after!!

I’ve also been devouring blogs like a fiend and have loved these posts:

  • Do you have your important info stored in your phone in case of emergency? If not, you should! This is a game changer.
  • I would love to play this Friends drinking game – who’s up for a night in with Monica, Rachel and the gang?
  • Honestly, I can not wait to make this chocolate chunky monkey breakfast bake once Lent is over. It looks amazing and I’m actually drooling onto my keyboard as I type this!!
  • Oh boy, I do love a good old fashioned tear jerker movie, and sometimes watching them alone is a good thing as you can go ahead and do the ugly cry, but here’s a list of 36 movies you shouldn’t watch alone!


So what’s new with you dollface? How’s your month been?

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  1. Sounds like you have had an amazeballs Feb going on. I have to ask about the fruit bowl breakfast further up in the post. Is it Peaches, Blackberries, Strawberries, Yoghurt and smashed wheatbix? What’s the bottom layer? This thing looks so YUM I totally want to try it! x

    • OK my smoothie bowl is AH-mazing and you need to make this! Here goes;
      1 frozen banana blitzed with a little milk of your choice (just enough to get the blades going) and protein powder. Then top with whatever you like really! I always have coconut and peanut butter and then any fruit and nuts I have lying around. You could make the bottom layer with any fruit as well. I usually go with either banana or mango as they come up really creamy once they’ve been frozen and blitzed up.
      Enjoy!! xo

  2. Rosieeeee! I love these “Lately” posts! I feel like I’m right there with you. Chile you know how I feel about breakfast and I am now heading to the kitchen to smoothie bowl the eff up!!! YAAAAAAS. Sounds like a fabulous month coming up doll, can’t wait to see more. Also- PRINCE OMG. p.s. please squeeze my Andi for me xo

    • Awww thanks. I do really have fun writing up these posts, it’s a great way to relive the funsies and appreciate them properly. I will, although she’ll be squeezing me…out of bed pretty soon #BigGirl xo

    • Thanks Diana!! I absolutely loved the show and even started tearing up when he started singing Little Red Corvette, I was just overwhelmed by childhood memories. My only gripe was that it was a super short show – only 70 minutes 😦

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