Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – Jeff Buckley

jeff buckley_graceJeff Buckley – Grace

OK, truth be told I tried writing this post the other day and I had to stop because it just upset me so much. *SIGH* Oh Jeff Buckley, how I love you so and am so desperately sad you were cut short in the prime of your life! It may have been almost 20 years ago when he died (holy shit, when did that happen??!) but I still have a difficult time looking at his pics or watching any videos.

My love for Jeff started in an odd little way. One day in 1996 I walked into my classroom and saw someone had written “I love Jeff Buckley” in a love heart on the blackboard. Who the hell is Jeff Buckley?, I thought. I’d heard his name before but I wasn’t sure if he was an actor or a singer and remember this was before good ol’ Google and being able to whip out your phone and start investigationing. Some time after that I’d asked my brothers girlfriend if she knew who Jeff was and she was like YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS…and lent me his CD to get acquainted with. I recorded his album onto tape (yup!) and then left it for a while before stumbling upon it again while looking for new music to listen to and BAM! My love affair started.

His voice was angelic and haunting and so raw. His lyrics were full of passion and yearning and overall he was very sexy and that came across in his performances. Alas he only had one finished studio album, Grace, and was working on is follow up, My Sweetheart the Drunk (which went on to become Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk), when he accidentally drowned while out swimming. I think I cried for about a week when I heard the news and that tape was played and rewound about a million times!

jeff buckley_B&W

R.I.P. you beautiful, talented bastard!

Choosing a song for you this week was easy but at the same time heartbreaking – I just can’t watch this without welling up. Happy Sunday dollface and enjoy – crank this up to 11 and let Jeff baptise you with his awesomeness.

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  1. Oh Jeff – I remember listening to the “last goodbye” for the first time & then playing it on repeat for the next week – that voice! I only fell in love with him after he died..sad.

  2. Yeah, The Last Goodbye hits you in the heart when you think about how he passed. I was never sure if it was suicide or accident. Either way, a terrible tragedy x

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