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International Women’s Day


Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day!

Can I let you in on an embarrassing little secret? I didn’t even know today was International Women’s Day until our receptionist sent round an invitation last week to all the women in my office for a morning tea to be held today. I like to think of myself as a forward thinking gals gal who wants to see my fellow sisters flourish and shine so I was a little saddened that I wasn’t on the uptake.

Of course this got me thinking about the day and how long it’s been observed and I was surprised and happy to see that it’s been around since 1909. What doesn’t make me so happy is that here we are in 2016 and we still have to fight for equality, respect and appreciation – what the fuck is up with that?! Something is not quite right when we’re still not receiving equal pay for equal work and this years IWD theme is all about #PledgeForParity – which is a call to action for speeding up gender parity.

One of the guys in my office wanted to know why the blokes won’t get a morning tea to celebrate “Men’s Day” and I told him it’s because every day seems to be “Men’s Day” and it’s time you took a seat, mister, and let a lady step forward and grasp that brass ring!

To all my ladies I want to wish you all a happy International Women’s Day! Sure, eat a cupcake to celebrate the day if you must, but let’s remember to keep the conversation going and pledge to be a part of change. As my gal Bey Bey said; who run the world? GIRLS!  Can I get a HELL YEAH?!!

pledge for parity

Women's Day March 8 1914

“Give Us Women’s Suffrage. Women’s Day, March 8, 1914. Until now, prejudice and reactionary attitudes have denied full civic rights to women, who as workers, mothers, and citizens wholly fulfil their duty, who must pay their taxes to the state as well as the municipality. Fighting for this natural human right must be the firm, unwavering intention of every woman, every female worker. In this, no pause for rest, no respite is allowed. Come all, you women and girls, to the 9th public women’s assembly on Sunday, March 8, 1914, at 3pm”

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  1. Well said and I am glad you set that guy from the office straight! 😉
    I think a lot of men have the misconception that women are paid equally to them because they know women they work alongside who seem to get the same salary as them, but it’s a lot more complicated than that and we need to educate and be educated on the issue!
    Great post x

  2. Happy IWD Rosie! Don’t get me started…in my profession I get the full birds eye view of the pay issue that most people don’t. And trust me…those men and women working alongside each other are very often getting different salaries! In my last job (in a female orientated industry) when I showed my boss a report that demonstrated how the female staff were getting almost 20% less than the male on average, he looked at it and then exclaimed “Oh, you’re skewing the figures because you’ve included the executive staff”. Hah! Perhaps that was the point, mate! (The fact is, there were NO females on the executive). Mind you, even with them excluded, there was still a disparity. Unfair and indefensible!

    • Totally Donna! In my last job I got to be privy to salaries and I was sickened by it! More women in exec roles and pay increases would just be a start.
      I also wanted to start the whole “if men had periods how different the world would be” rant but didn’t – could you imagine? Tax free sanitary products and at LEAST one day off a month! LOL!!

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