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Eye Love Skin by Bőr Organics

BOR_Eye Love Skin2

**This post has been sponsored by Bőr Organics, all opinions are 100% my own**

Ladies, you know how it is…one minute your 20 something, full of joie de vivre and not a single line on your face and then BAM you’re over 30, your joie is a little less vivre and suddenly you’re the owner of some new bags, and I’m not talking about Chanel sweetie! This is where Bőr Organics wants to help with their new intense nourishing daily eye cream, Eye Love Skin.

 is formulated using a range of natural and locally sourced ingredients (Founder and Director, Nicole Richardson, is a Melbourne gal!).  Eye Love Skin is a super hydrating and firming eye cream which contains nourishing ingredients like white tea, coconut, avocado oil, and, my fave, rosehip oil, to help firm up those nasty eye bags!

I’m all about hydration for my skin, as it seems it just can’t get enough lately, and Bőr Organics is definitely helping keep my face fresh. I’ve been using the cream every morning for the last month or so and I’ve seen a definite improvement. I love the way it settles into my skin quickly, working its nousirising magic, while I can apply my make-up straight on top.

BOR_Eye Love Skin

Eye Love Skin is available online and retails for $34.95

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