OOTD: Autumn Leaves

ootd_autumn leaves_04

OK, don’t repeat this to anyone, because I’ll deny it ’til I’m blue in the face but I’m kinda over these last few stinking hot, humid days of summer/autumn here in Melbourne. I’m not quite ready for freezing my ass off and having to cart around a coat and gloves AND a scarf AND AND AND…you get my drift, but I’d love it to cool down just a tad so I can actually put a cute ensemble together and not feel like I’m sitting in a pool of sweat!

ootd_autumn leaves_03

ootd_autumn leaves_05The one thing I truly love about autumn (aside from it being my birthday season WOOT WOOT!) is the changing of the leaves and the gorgeous warm colours that come through in nature. I love looking out my office window, which looks out onto a park, and stare at the pretty yellow/orange/red leaves that are falling from the trees. It makes me want to grab a latte (not a spiced pumpkin one, GROSS!) and crunch through them, kicking up my heels. I really must make the most of it and go out and eat my lunch amongst the leaves instead of staying indoors. Can somebody please remind me to get out there and get drunk on nature?!

ootd_autumn leaves_01

ootd_autumn leaves_02

So before I go getting drunk on the wonders of nature I have some birthday celebrations to attend to! How the fuck am I turning 36? I swear my 30th was just last weekend, wasn’t it?! I’m still technically in my mid-30s right? At what age do I tick over into my “late” 30s?

ootd_autumn leaves_06

Top: Dotti // Skirt: Forever 21 // Belt: Asos // Shoes: T.J. Maxx // Tote Bag: Kmart

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  1. Such a cute outfit! Love it. Enjoy the autumn season, that’s my favorite! We are entering spring here in the Northeast U.S…time to break out the warm weather clothes on my end haha. Hope the sweltering days end for you soon and you can break out more fall fashion! xo

  2. OMG I’m sure I remember wanting to teef this gorgeous skirt! Why did I let you keep it?! Hahaha… looking gorgeous mama. I’m the same, now I live in the motherland and I am effing tired of schvitzing xo

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