Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – David Bowie

-david-bowie-is-37046024-1000-577From the David Bowie Is…. exhibition last year

As a child of the 80s my love affair with David Bowie started the moment I laid eyes on the Goblin King from The Labyrinth. Who was this alluring cool/scary guy with the amazing hair?! Of course I knew and heard his songs growing up but I didn’t really appreciate his music until I was a little older. I remember borrowing the Diamond Dogs album from a friend when I was about 17 and that blew me away!

Bowie was the original musical chameleon; from his glam rock days as Ziggy Stardust to soulful funk on the Young Americans album to the electro/pop of the 80s and pure rock n’ roll in between. I love the fact that there was evolution in his music and he was never stagnant. He was truly a musical genius! All of this was evident at last year’s David Bowie Is… exhibition here in Melbourne, where 50 years of his amazing talent was on display. I knew Bowie was fabulous before this exhibition but after seeing all the rare films and interviews and amazingly gorgeous costumes it really cemented his awesomeness for me.

Like all Bowie fans, the news of his death this past January left me reeling. David Bowie Is… a musician, an actor, a trendsetter, an icon, a LEGEND!

david bowieSo. Much. Cool!

There are loads of songs I could have picked to share with you all but this is without a doubt my most favourite Bowie song. That guitar intro gets me every single time and I find it impossible to sit still. Happy Sunday hot tramps!

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  1. How could anyone NOT love Bowie, right? He was just so mythical and so captivating and there was no-one like him. And with Rebel rebel, my husband likes to tell me {REPEATEDLY} that it was inspired by David Johansen of the New York Dolls, who was a gender bending punk rock god of the 70’s.There’s this pic of him and Bowie that I love. SO 70s glam.

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