Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – Faith No More

faith no moreFaith No More

About a thousand years ago, give or take a decade, I was blaring playing the best of Faith No More to a then boyfriend and as each new song started he would ask “now who’s this band?” – and this, ladies and gents, is why I love Faith No More! They are the chameleons of hard rock as their songs have elements of funk, jazz and even country woven throughout. Mike Patton’s voice can range from screeching rawness to smooth, suave and cool-as-fuck.

I have vivid memories of listening to “Epic” as a 10/11 year old and thinking FNM were pretty cool. Their music was super different to the onslaught of early 90s pop I was listening to at the time like New Kids On The Block, Madonna and Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch (hey, don’t judge me!). Plus guitarist, Jim Martin, had a cameo in Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey which sealed the deal for this kid!

faith no more_colour

Such cool cats!

This Sunday I give you a song that without a doubt makes me feel 1000% better when I think my head is caving in and my life is turning to shit, I feel like someone out there really understands me. Plus the video is super fun! Enjoy…

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  1. OMG yes! They probably might not make my list but my god I love them. And have forever, how can you not? Great post babe. xxx

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