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Milky Foot Review

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Wanna know a disgusting little secret about me? OK, I preface this by saying I wouldn’t be offended if you think differently of me after reading this post and never want to speak to me again. Here goes…*big exhale* I love picking at my skin/pimples/scabs etc. I know it’s gross but OHGEEEEEEEEEEE it’s so satisfying! As a kid I would peel my sunburn and just marvel at the sheets of skin that would come off. Any time I’d have a scab I would pick at it incessantly and my mum would warn me I’d leave a scar but I was undeterred.

Now take this gross obsession and team it with a product like Milky Foot – an “intense” exfoliating foot pad that’s designed to be an at-home pedicure which results in LASHINGS of skin peeling off! DROOL!!! Check out the ad, it’s positively gag worthy….

My feet are EXTREMELY ticklish and getting a pedicure these days borders on the impossible (I laugh, scream, want to kick the poor lady in the face) so I just ask to get my nails painted and pass on the much needed foot scrub. I’ve been meaning to try Milky Foot for a while now but I was sceptical at the results and the price tag turned me off a little (just under $25).

milky foot_1

Last Sunday I was all set for a little pampering so I popped these little sockettes on my feet and settled in for the next hour. I did just as the instructions asked; I put a pair of cotton socks over the top and made sure to keep my feet in a horizontal position. Instantly I could feel a little tingling action and I got über excited. I had visions of my feet shedding skin just like a snake and I shuddered with joy!

After the hour was up I rinsed off the gunk and for the next few hours I could still feel a magical tingling. OH MAN THIS WAS GOING TO BE EPIC!! The pack says the fabulous peeling would start after 3-5 days so come Wednesday I should be in heaven…Wednesday came and went and NOTHING! WTF? Then this morning a little something but hardly any where near the amount that was in the ad. Check it out…

milky foot_5

Hmmmm individual results may vary indeed! I still have a couple of days before I can really poo-poo it, but I don’t think I’ll be buying Milky Foot again. I’ll keep you all updated in case any miraculous foot-shaped layers of skin fall off (in fact you know that shit will be all over my social media accounts!) but I won’t be holding my breath.

So, do you all think I’m super gross and never want to read my blog again? Or are you just as disgusting as me? I’d love to know if you’ve tried Milky Foot and whether it worked for you

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  1. I’m just as disgusting as you! I actually have sun burn from the past weekend and I’m hoping it peels. I’m so disgusting that I will watch pimple popping videos.. though I usually end up sick to my stomach but satisfied at the same time.
    Did I go too far with disgusting?
    My feet are super ticklish too! I can’t even watch people touch their own feet with out cringing. My palms are ticklish as well.

    • Hahahahaha so so disgusting Heather BUT I LOVE IT!! My palms aren’t so ticklish but my underarms are pretty bad too. I blame my two brothers who tortured me as a kid and would tickle me incessantly 😛 xo

  2. Hahahaha cool blog and no I don’t think your disgusting at all but guess what ? I tried it to and it did bugger all. Load of marketing crap! Waste of money and time. That’s my two cents worth 🙂

  3. I thought it wasn’t going to work, day four came and went yesterday, I was going to ask for a refund. But day five today, took my son swimming and I became a lepa! It felt like bandaids flapping on my feet in the water, very embarrassing! But has worked a treat!

    • Really?!! I’m so bloody jealous Christine! I honestly have only had little dribs and drabs and the tops of my feet look like they need a good moisturising LOL!!

  4. I did the TonyMoly Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid and it was amazing! I had tried some other brand before and got these results so I was pretty skeptical but omg the TonyMoly one. You’ll want to soak your feet before using them and I wore mine for about two hours. I didn’t see peeling for about 4 or 5 days but then it came in sheets, especially after a shower. Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for something disgustingly satisfying. Haha

  5. HAHAHA I love you and your disgustible self. I remember becoming obsessed when Milky Foot came out in London years ago. I didn’t buy it because I’m a cheapskate, and this fact still gives me sleepless nights LOL. I feel so much better now xo

    • I don’t know why it didn’t work for me! Tez said it was so amazing and I’m so jealous that my gross skin didn’t just fall off. Good thing you’re a cheapskate!

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