Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – Shudder To Think


Shudder To Think

This is one of those times where I wish I grew up in the tech age! As a teenager of the 90s it was hard to source new music and if they weren’t playing it on the radio then there was no chance of knowing about it. What I would have given to have had YouTube in the early 2000s when I discovered Shudder To Think! I’d read that they were a huge influence on Jeff Buckley so of course I had to know what they were all about. The only problem was that trying to find their CDs was almost impossible!

Shudder To Think were a four-piece indie rock band with some amazing vocals (ugh, Craig Wedren’s voice gets me EVERY time!) and seriously obscure lyrics, who formed in the late 80s and were together for about 10 years. My first taste of their funky tunes was the First Love, Last Rites movie soundtrack. This CD was a must have as it was written and performed by the band with different vocalists like Jeff Buckley as well as Liz Phair (another fave!) plus the movie was directed by Jesse Peretz – ex member of the Lemonheads.

Eventually I stumbled upon the album 50,000 B.C., while trawling through a second hand music store, and I was obsessed. Their songs were full of emotion and were dripping with pure sexiness and I clung to them like a life jacket. At a time in my life when I was metamorphosing from an awkward chunky teenager into a slimmed down, only slightly less awkward young woman these guys gave me some confidence in playing it sexy.


Indie Rockers

While writing this post I listened to this song on repeat and I couldn’t get enough! I haven’t listened to Shudder To Think for a while now which is a damn shame but I will definitely be dusting off those CDs. Happy Sunday dollface and enjoy…

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  1. Yeah, those pre-internet days were fucking hard!!! Our local record shops were always trying to source “imports” which cost a fortune. Much better now. And I’m digging this song too! xxx

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