Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – East 17

East 17

So. Much. CRINGE!

I never promised you that all the entries in Sunday Sessions would be pretty or even talented and this week’s band is definitely not that. Welcome to 1993, dollface, where the fashion was questionable and music took a little dive for the worse AND I LOVED IT! I embraced whole-heartedly the baggy pant wearing, ridiculous hat loving geezers that were East 17. Something about these posers bad boys from the east end of London really took a hold of my little teenaged heart.

East 17’s debut album, Walthamstow, hit the Oz music scene in a big way and if you were 13-17 years old and bought Smash Hits magazine every fortnight you knew they were AH-mazing! This Brit boy band blended rap and pop with oodles of white boy flavour! They presented themselves as being rough and ready and “totes hard”, but honestly they were probably as tough as the ladies from Birds of a Feather.

Looking back they were super cringe worthy, but then again so were many other bands and singers that I was into at that time; Jeremy Jordan, Joey Lawrence, C+C Music Factory et al. I may die a little inside every time I think about how much I invested time, energy and MONEY into buying all their music but they definitely shaped me in my musical tastes. Without bands like East 17 I would not have learnt my mad choreography skillz!

East 17 90s

The 90s have a lot to bloody answer for!

 I remember seeing the video House of Love for the first time and I was SMITTEN with these skinny blokes :: be still my beating heart!! From that moment on and for the next year or so I was obsessed with figuring out who was my favourite (was it Brian or was it John this week? The answer changed as quickly as the colour of my scrunchies) I can’t say that East 17 has stood the test of time, I mean their hats speak for themselves, but if you remember this the first time round no doubt you still love to get your shoulders into a bit of 90s pop…Happy Sunday dollface!

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