OOTD: Roll Neck Reverie


These days I can wear a pleather skirt to work (or fur, sequins etc. possibly not feathers but I’m yet to try that one) without anyone batting an eyelid but things weren’t always this way. I remember the moment I started making more of an effort in my appearance and dressing up for the office and my colleagues all thought I had a hot date after work! I guess wearing skirts and dresses were a big change from my usual pants and sweater vest combos and people were taking notice.

At that stage in my style evolution I vowed never to wear bulky sweater vests and jumpers again as they just weren’t flattering and I was just not confident in my choices. What I didn’t realise was that it wasn’t necessarily the sweater but what I was teaming them with and how they were styled. Up until the last year or so I didn’t have ONE jumper in my whole wardrobe. I’m not sure if it was my attitude to them or the KEEEEEEEYYYUUUUTE options out there but I was suddenly really drawn to them again.



I saw this roll neck jumper on asos and I immediately fell in love! That voluminous neckline is everything I’ve ever dreamed of and MORE! I also love that it’s cream and can be teamed with any other colour or texture. The size runs a little bigger than I would usually wear (I think the key is wearing a fitted jumper for a more svelte, less bag-lady look) but that’s easily fixed with another new obsession of mine – the half-front tuck. I picked up this hot tip from Bron at Flat Bum Mum and I couldn’t agree more!  Just a little tuck makes a world of difference and creates more shape and a flattering silhouette.

What do you think of the tuck? Is this something you’ll be trying out??



Jumper: asos // Skirt: Kmart // Boots: Cotton On // Bag: Sportsgirl


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  1. Will you be my style mentor…like come to my house and tell me everything that just won’t work and show me how to wear other things? lol I seriously wear Yoga pants and t-shirts all the time. When I dress up a little bit it’s usually jeans and a t-shirt with a little eyeliner. My idea of dressing up is just sad and frumpy.

    On another note. I love this whole outfit. Too cute!

  2. this is beautiful! i love the sweater and the booties are so cute too 😀
    instagram: the_ch1ara

  3. You look gorgeous mama! Better get into that chunky knit! I remember how horrified you used to be by the idea but it looks truly fabulous! Cute cute cute xo

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