Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – Björk


Icelandic Electronic Queen

In the same vein as my ode to World Music a few weeks back, I discovered Björk and her band The Sugarcubes while watching the ads on SBS (god bless that TV station). Remember when they used to play music videos in between shows, back before they were a commercial station? No, just me? Well, they would play their song Birthday a lot and I remember thinking “who are these fabulous weirdos?!” Fast forward a few years and Tez (always at the forefront of fab music) introduced me to Björk’s not quite first album, Debut, and I was in love.

Björk manages to merge electronic, dance, pop, jazz, trip-hop, house and experimental music in a way that sounds so effortless, she truly is unlike anyone else. I once saw a documentary on the making of one of her albums and the crazy instruments she uses to get her unique sound and I was super impressed. I hate to use the term “artist” when it comes to musicians but there really is no other term that encapsulates her music. She really is an artist who goes beyond the realms of what is conventional and smashes all perceptions of what music is.

As I mentioned in last year’s Fierce Females post; yes, Björk’s music is not or everyone, her music videos are super weird and her fashion sense just off the walls, balls out crazy insane, but she’s an amazingly talented musician and songwriter who is terribly underrated.



This Sunday I wanted to share a song that is kinda like my personal mantra. Whenever I feel down and things aren’t going right in life I know that it’s only temporary and I sing this song in my head (or out loud, depending on where I am) and I instantly feeling 4080% better. So bring your ghetto blaster and sneak off to this party with me….enjoy and happy Sunday dollface!

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