Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – Eurythmics

the eurythmics

Anne + Dave

As a child I never quite understood why Annie Lennox chose her (now) iconic androgynous look. Growing up in an über colourful era where even the boys looked like girls (I’m looking at you George and Marilyn) Annie kinda scared me a little, to be honest. I mean, why would you choose to have short hair and wear minimal make-up when you could have the biggest perm and clip in coloured extensions plus ALL of the yellow nail polish?! I guess Dave had enough of a perm for both of them?

Obviously Annie didn’t scare me too much as I absolutely adored her voice and all of their songs growing up. Both my brothers were big fans of the UK duo and were a huge influence and as I’ve mentioned previously, Eurythmics were one of those bands that were always playing in the background and a part of the soundtrack to my life.

For me, Eurythmics embodied everything I love about music; they had big rocking guitars, catchy pop lyrics and amazing vocals. There’s a reason why Annie was named “The Greatest White Soul Singer Alive“! Her voice is so strong and oh so mesmerising it’s as though you can feel her pain with every chorus. Now marry those killer pipes with Dave’s jangly guitar riffs and the two made fabulous pure pop perfection.

annie lennox


Their sixth album, Revenge is definitely where it’s at! I think by 1986 they had the magic worked out and managed to write killer songs like Missionary Man, When Tomorrow Comes and this awesome break up song. This Sunday I want to put this ditty into your heads where it’s guaranteed to stay for a while. (I had the refrain stuck well and truly for a day or two) Enjoy!

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  1. Ah the 80’s!
    Wonder how many of those mullet-headed power ballad singers are now inadequate baldies?
    Yes: it’s a man thing.

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