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DiorShow Mascara Review


Le sigh…

Ladies, I think the search is over. For years I’ve been looking for the ultimate mascara, one that would help my existing long lashes and take them to the next level. A mascara that would transform me from Bambi to KARDASHI-BAMBI! Throughout the years I’ve purchased countless wands of black goo hoping and praying that THIS would be it. Some have come close but many have failed. It’s been a fun and fabulous ride but now it’s time to tell you all that I HAVE FOUND IT!




diorshow_mascara_01For years I’ve read and heard about this lux mascara but have denied myself as the price tag scared me away. Surely no mascara is worth that much?? Oh, silly little Rosie, how wrong you were! Yes it’s expensive but sometimes a girl just has to treat herself and that’s exactly what I did!

When I was getting my make-up done during my last visit to Sephora in Sydney a few weeks ago I asked my MUA if Diorshow was all that and a bag of chips and without a word she got one out and applied it to my lashes and that was it – LOVE AT FIRST SWIPE!

Diorshow Mascara has been reinvented and now has a microfiber enhanced formula which reproduces the effect of lash extensions. The new formula is super lightweight and it helps smooth out lashes and aids in anti-clumping, which is handy after applying multiple layers (I may have had to stop myself at just three as it was just so satisfying and mesmerising building up my lashes).  Girls, we’re talking VOLUME for days! My lashes have never looked fuller. Oh Dior, you really know what you’re doing!!


L: Both eyelashes with Diorshow // R: Diorshow vs. naked eyelashes – you can see the huge difference!

At $55 (ouch) a tube it’s definitely not cheap and about three times the price I would normally pay for mascara, but now I have seen the light and I will continue to throw my money at Dior with this AH-mazing product!

Have you tried Diorshow Mascara?

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    • Oh Molly I know exactly how you feel! That was me for the longest time but this time around I thought I’d treat myself. Maybe you can splurge for your birthday – you won’t regret it! 🙂 xo

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