OOTD: Harem Pants

ootd_harem pants_01

Look, if there’s one thing that life has taught me it’s that you can never say never! (aside from attending a Bryan Adams concert, that shit will NEVER happen!) Clothes that I vowed never to wear again, like these shorts, once again see the light of day. Same goes with track pants, I vowed never to wear them again (in public) and lookie-here…I’m wearing them on my blog! OK, so technically they’re harem pants but could be mistaken for trackie daks, as my sister referred to them, much to my horror.

ootd_harem pants_03

Now, my loathing of tracksuit pants is only when I’m wearing them, y’all can go to town as far as I’m concerned. This hatred for leisure wear goes way back to my uni days, when I would live in them and not much else. In those days I was a lot heftier (i.e.: fat!) and the worst thing you could do was talk about my weight in public. One day during an acting class we had to do an exercise in “walking naturally” (oh God, I read that back and WTF!) when my lecturer pulled me up and in front of the whole class went on to tell me that I walk like a fat girl, but I shouldn’t because I’m not as big as I think I am. Looking back I know he was being kind but when you’re 18/19 and have no self-confidence all I heard was YOU’RE A BIG FAT FATTY AND NOW THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS.

Thankfully over time I’ve come to embrace my body and my style and I’ve learnt that unless you actually love yourself you could be wearing Dior couture and still feel like you’re wearing a potato sack!

ootd_harem pants_04

And dammit these harem pants are comfy as fuck and that’s all that matters, right?

ootd_harem pants_02

Harem Pants, Hat + Top: Kmart // Denim Jacket: Crossroads // Shoe: Rubi Shoes // Bag: Colette

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