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Oral-b 3D White Luxe Advanced Seal Whitestrips Review

oral b whitestrips_01

Just like UB40 I luuuuuurve me some red, red wine! Oh and you can bet your sweet ass that as a Melburnian I am ALL over coffee too. But being a lover of these fine beverages does have its drawbacks – teeth staining! For me having the pearliest of pearly whites is super important. When asked what the first thing you notice about someone most people will answer their smile. As a kid I had braces and my wisdom teeth removed AND my lower jaw surgically broken and pushed forward, so you know, I like my teeth to look good.

I had my teeth bleached years ago at the dentist and I loved the result and wanted to find an at home solution.  I’ve been wanting to try these Oral-b 3D White Luxe Advanced Seal Whitestrips for the longest time and thought I’d treat myself to a pack during my last online Priceline haul. With a massive claim to being able to remove 10 years worth of stains I was super curious. <insert sceptical face here>

oral b whitestrips_03

Each pack contains 14 pre-bleached strips, split in 2 for both upper and lower teeth. All you need to do is peel them off the backing and apply the sticky side to your teeth and then wait for about an hour. Et voila; whiter than white! Too easy.  The first time I tried them out I didn’t last long as I got paranoid about the whole don’t swallow warning and ripped them out after a couple of minutes but then I figured they had to say that as part of their duty of care, right?

oral b whitestrips_04

I’ve been using them for about a week now and I may have noticed a slight difference. Look, I know my teeth were pretty white to begin with so I wasn’t expecting Jon Bon Jovi, blindingly white teeth. I love that they’re very easy to use and at just under $3 a strip they’re reasonably priced. I also like that they’re not messy and I don’t have to deal with separate moulds and bleach.

oral b whitestripes review before and after

L: Before // R: After

Have you used at-home whitening strips before? Did they work for you? Do you dream of having Jon Bon Jovi whiteness but without the veneers?

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  1. The reason your teeth were yellow in the 1st place was because you were or are low in calcium Vit D .Nothing can stain teeth kinda of like a Teflon skillet . Not wine or coffee or cigarettes. Here’s what happens . When you don’t get enough Vit D the skeletal system [ bone] says to your teeth which are also[ bone] were taking your calcium because were way bigger than you . When the skeletal system leeches calcium from the teeth the teeth lose it’s whiteness . All you had to do was start dinking whole milk not 2% , 1%, or skim , it has to be” whol”e . That’s why most people’s teeth are yellow because everyone has believed the” big lie”” whole” dairy is bad . check out my site [ foundation of nutrition the bible ], google it . You might like it .

    • Thanks Bill – I didn’t think my teeth WERE yellow to begin with, so thanks for killing my confidence there! Also I’m lactose intolerant so there goes that theory you have about dairy not being bad.

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