Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – Scissor Sisters

scissor sisters


I’ve told you all about the huge influence my brothers and sister have played on my musical tastes. Growing up we’d listen to everything from Iron Maiden to Wham! and everything in between. I’d say about 90% stuck and the other 10% either came later in life or never at all. Case in point; Pink Floyd – I can’t stand them! Their music makes me want to swallow a bottle of pills and go sit in a warm bath…but that’s just me. My eldest brother loved the shit out of them and would play The Wall A LOT!

So when I first heard Scissor Sisters cover of Comfortably Numb I about fell off my chair because I was IN LOVE! Who were these fabulous electro-rockers? I had just spent NYE in NYC and was about to fly back to the UK (say that fast three times!) but first I had to stock up on some CDs and their self titled debut album was on the “recommended listening” list. I’d popped those headphones on and I was instantly transported to some grungy downtown disco in the 70s – PURE POP PERFECTION! How they managed to take that song and make into a dance floor anthem still amazes me – BRAV-OH!

scissor sisters_technicolour

Technicoloured awesomeness

This Sunday I want you to don your brightest neon (I’ll be wearing this for sure) and play this song super loud and have a kiki! You know your inner diva is crying to get out grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlfriend!

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