30-Day Winter Wardrobe Challenge! Day 8: Keep Rollin’

30 day wardrobe challenge_day 8_02

Day 8: Practice the rolled jeans, socks, and boots combo

Practice?! Dollface, when you’re 5’4″ your whole life EMBODIES rolling up jeans and wearing them with heels, you dig what I’m saying? I find the fashion industry designs jeans for the Amazonian woman in mind so I don’t have a choice more often than not when it comes to rolling my cuffs.

And don’t let anybody fool you into thinking being neat is the way to be. While I was clearing and sorting my drawers I rediscovered these cute fingerless gloves I completely forgot I had! Sometimes I’m too damn tidy for my own good. Fingerless gloves are COMPLETELY useless but I do love the look of them, especially these little emerald ones that add a much needed pop of colour.

30 day wardrobe challenge_day 8_01

30 day wardrobe challenge_day 8_04

Boots, Top + Vest: Kmart // Jeans: Vegas Fashion Mall // Gloves: Cotton On (old)

Check out dayΒ 8 from last year’s challenge here!


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  1. The gloves are awesome! I only have an old pair of black ones (with serious pilling happening). I have to invest in a new pair soon, but I mainly need them for driving because my steering wheel is freezing cold in the morning. It actually aches to hold it without gloves!

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