30-Day Winter Wardrobe Challenge! Day 9: Graphic Tee

30 day wardrobe challenge_day 9_02

Day 9: Dress up an old graphic T-shirt

We all know I’m no stranger to a good ol’ fashioned tee. I’ve had a tee party, and dressed up an old band tee and even gone with a plain white tee (hey there Delilah, I see you!). So today’s prompt from Who What Wear’s Winter Wardrobe Challenge asks for dressing up an old tee and you know I was all over this like a fat kid on a donut!

And honestly what better way to dress up a tee than with an ode to Ms Whitney?!

30 day wardrobe challenge_day 9_01

30 day wardrobe challenge_day 9_03

Tee: Cotton On // Cardigan: Express // Skirt: H&M // Belt: asos //Boots: Kmart

Check out day 9 from last year’s challenge here!

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