Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – Huey Lewis & The News

huey lewis and the news

 Huey Lewis & The News

When I was a kid there was a girl who lived next door that I used to play with. For the life of me I can’t remember what she looked like but I do remember that she gave me some hair clips with strawberries on them and that she had a huge Huey Lewis & The News poster on her wall. I just didn’t get why she liked them. I mean Huey Lewis was OLD and their music was a little daggy – all this wisdom and insight from a 5 year old!

Of course over the years I knew all their hits and sung along to them in the car but I wouldn’t say I was a fan. That was until about 5 years ago when it just CLICKED and I totally understood why my long ago neighbour loved them. Their songs are pure old school rock n’ roll with some blues and soul thrown in for good measure, everything I love but didn’t know it at the time. Without a doubt Huey Lewis & The News are daggy, but it’s that dag factor that grips me now and makes me shoulder dance like my life depends on it. And let’s not forget the Back To The Future soundtrack that I must have glossed over as a child because how can you go past The Power Of Love AND Marty McFly together, in the one movie?!

My tastes have definitely matured over time and now I think I’ve found my silver fox and is name is HUEY LEWIS!

huey lewis and the news_02Be still my beating heart!!

My new life goal is to see HL&TN in concert on the immediate. I see they’re playing in Vegas next month, who knows I may do something crazy and book a trip to see them! In the meantime I can dream about Huey Lewis singing me this song…I do believe Huey, I DO! Happy Sunday dollface.

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  1. I was the same! “Who are these old daggy guys and why do I like their songs?” But you just have to love their songs!

    • Hahaha especially in their suits and ties – so opposite to the long hair and leather pants I was used to 😂 But hot damn I’d love me a slice of Huey now!! ❤️

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