30-Day Winter Wardrobe Challenge! Day 15: Unexpected Overlay

30 day wardrobe challenge_day 15_03_Day 15: Layer in an unexpected way

Sigh! I don’t know why but today’s prompt really bores me. What’s so unexpected about this kind of layering? During last year’s challenge there was exactly the same prompt and I felt like I gave it a red hot go but this year I was so uninspired! I wanted to go with something totally outlandish like layering up ALL OF THE DENIM – can you see it? Denim shirt with a denim skirt topped with a denim vest and finished off with a denim jacket!! AH-mazing!

But then I came to my senses and ditched that idea and went with something a little more mainstream *ahem, boring*. Do you think I should have stuck with my denim idea?

30 day wardrobe challenge_day 15_01_

30 day wardrobe challenge_day 15_02_

30 day wardrobe challenge_day 15_04Stripe Top + Skirt + Boots: Kmart // Singlet: H&M

Check out Day 15 from last year’s challenge here!

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