30-Day Winter Wardrobe Challenge! Day 17: Donate

30 day wardrobe challenge_day 17_01

Day 17: Go through your shoes and donate pairs that are damaged or out-dated

I absolutely love this pair of ballet flats but they give me blisters whenever I wear them, which isn’t often because *hello* BLISTERS! I’ve tried to wear them in but with no joy as they just end up hurting the back of my feet/heels way too much. Alas, I just don’t think they’ll ever be comfy for me so what better way to get rid of them than to donate them and give them a new home.

I tend to hold on to shoes thinking that they’ll get worn at some stage and they just end up sitting on my shoe rack collecting dust, so today’s Who What Wear prompt is a great reminder to clear out the clutter!

Do you have a pair of shoes that you’ll honestly never wear again?

30 day wardrobe challenge_day 17_02

These cute Kmart shoes are off to a new home!

Check out Day 17 from last year’s challenge here!

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  1. I have a super cute pair of stiletto heel lace ankle booties from Betts. I got them on sale a couple of years ago. My feet somehow grew between then and now and I can’t wear them anymore!! I really should donate them.

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