30-Day Winter Wardrobe Challenge! Day 18: Tie Me Up

30 day wardrobe challenge_day 18_02

Day 18: Tie an oversize button-down instead of tucking it in

I was going to go out and buy an oversized button-down shirt for today’s challenge prompt, as I don’t own one, and then I stopped myself. Wasn’t the aim of this challenge to get rid of the crap in my wardrobe and not ADD to it?! Silly Rosie! Instead I thought I’d wear my favourite oversized nightie tee and tie that up a la fab 80s fashion.

Speaking of fab 80s, I went to see the Totally 80s concert on Friday night. It was pure poptastic heaven and one-hit wonder overload! We’re talking Martika, Limhal, Katrina from Katrina and the Waves, Men Without Hats and Paul Lekakis plus loads more! This outfit would’ve been perfect for it.

Who’s your favourite flash in the pan 80s band?

30 day wardrobe challenge_day 18_03

Top: H&M // Skirt: Mix Apparel // Shoes: Kmart

Check out Day 18 from last year’s challenge here!

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