Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – The B52s

the b52s

The B52s

Can we just skim right over Love Shack and actually get to the fact that The B52s are light years cooler than that one Top 40 hit?! It was later when I’d heard their back catalogue that I realised how fabulous and weird and wacky they truly were and I loved it!

Around the same time as I was getting stuck into The Lemonheads and The Cramps (OMG please YouTube this band!!) as well as fellow Athens, Georgia band R.E.M., I was also delving into The B52s and their back catalogue of fabulous post punk/rock/new wave tunes. I’d kinda heard Rock Lobster on the radio over the years and never put two and two together. When I realised that they were the same Love Shack-ing band I was shocked! Sure I thought they were different when I was a kid but this was next level! They really appealed to that inner odd-ball kid that I was desperate to keep hidden but showed me that I should be proud and wear my oddity like a badge. To this day Kate Pierson is my (vocal) spirit animal!

the b52s_2How could you not love that style?!

I don’t want to scare you off with their more out there tunes like Quiche Lorraine or Private Idaho (brilliant songs!) so here’s one that was a little bit more mainstream but still fabulous. Can you spot Michael Stipe? I also desperately want Cindy Wilson’s coat just FYI! Enjoy and happy Sunday dollface!

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      • You’ve nailed me 🙂
        The only other one that I can think of is Rock Lobster. So anyway, the New Romantics . . .

      • Hahahaha they’re definitely not for everyone – case in point, my sis saw the post on Sunday and said “Ugh do I have to read about the B52s?!”
        Who are you fave New Romantic bands? You never know, there’s still 5 months left of Sundays to go….

      • Well, back in the day, there was no group bigger than Duran Duran. Though it’s not cool to say that now-I was still a teen back then 🙂 I have a music loving mate who hates them. The similar conversation went “Well, back in the day . . ” “Don’t say it!” “… there was nobody bigger . . .” “Don’t say it!” “… than Duran Duran.” “#$€{“¥”!!!!!” (I won’t swear on your blog.)

      • Hahahaha do you know who I am – SWEAR AWAY! I do like Duran Duran (especially that John Taylor!) but I guess my siblings weren’t super into them BACK IN THE DAY so the influence didn’t rub off on me. They are pretty awesome though 🙂

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