Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – Robbie Williams

robbie williams

 Robbie Williams

Sigh, Boy bands! Two words that set my heart aflutter and my hormones racing as a teenager. As a kid my love for New Kids On The Block was super fierce and strong and any other boy band that came on the scene I saw as a threat to their pop throne. When Take That hit the scene in Australia around about 1992-ish and they started to win Best New Comers and Best Boy Band in the Smash Hits fan polls I knew my Boston lads’ days were numbered and I HATED Take That!

Then I saw them being interviewed and they were so adorable and I just couldn’t stay mad at them. Damn them and their cute English accents and floppy hair and cheeky smiles!! And Robbie’s was the cheekiest of all and he finally wore me down and won me over with his solo career. His music is pure poptastic fabulousness and I love that his songs range from sing-along ditties (Rock DJ) to sexy anthems (Kids) and heavy, self-analysing tunes (Come Undone).

His third album, Sing When You’re Winning, was played on high rotation whilst I was living in Japan and around the time he signed his £80 million record deal in 2002 I was truly and madly in love with Robbie that I was determined to get to L.A. (where he was living at the time) and meet him. My decision to be a camp counsellor in the U.S. may have been swayed by that *dodges any eye contact*


I would totally let you entertain me!

Alas, I loved Robbie a little more when he was fucked up and drug fuelled, which I’m totally not condoning! I am truly happy that he’s past all that and has found love and happiness now BUT the man could put on an amazing show back in the day and if you haven’t see Live At Knebworth then I highly recommend it! Happy Sunday dollface and let Robbie entertain you with this…

Now it's your turn...let me know what you think. I love reading your comments! :)

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