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Horizon Blue Lipstick Review

blue lipstick_01

Back in June, whilst in Sydney getting my makeup done at Sephora, I caught a glimpse of Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Echo. It’s a gorgeous deep navy blue shade and I fell a teensy bit in love. Navy lipstick?! I’d never even contemplated wearing “non-conventional” shades of lippy before, could I possibly pull of blue lipstick? I mean, I know I’m cool, but blue lipstick cool? Suffice to say I didn’t think I was and I popped it back and crept out of the store feeling sorry for myself.

Ever since then I can’t stop thinking about it (of course!) and I’ve been wanting to pop into Sephora here in Melbourne and snap it up, but the $30 price tag deters me. $30 is a lot to pay for lipstick I may potentially only wear once! It just so happens that I was online shopping (when am I not?!) at Cotton On and I spied that they had a sale on lipstick for $3 and they had a shade called Horizon BlueBINGO!

blue lipstick_04

blue lipstick_05

Hmmmmm my first thought was thank god it was only $3! This shade does nothing for my complexion and I felt completely washed out by it. It looks like I’m suffering from hypothermia! I would love to see this shade on someone with darker hair as I think being blonde doesn’t do it justice. The plus side is that it’s balm-like in texture and very moisturising and not very long lasting and came off with a gentle swipe of a face wipe – HURRAH!

It’s definitely a lot lighter and frostier than the KVD shade so it’d be like comparing apples and oranges and I’m not entirely convinced I COULDN’T pull of the darker shade. What do you think, would navy lippy would suit me?

blue lipstick_06

This’ll go straight to my dress up box for any future costume parties where I’d play an alien…or Laura Palmer!

Have you ever tried non-conventional lipstick colours? Does anyone know a dupe for the KVD shade that’s a little cheaper on the ol’ hip pocket?

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    • I’ve just heard that NYX has something similar AND at half the price – WOOHOO!! I may just have to saunter into my local Priceline this weekend to check it out 🙂 xo

  1. To be honest I don’t know that this shade would work really well on anyone. I feel like it either needs to be really bright or really dark to work, but that is just me. I could definitely not pull off this shade, I would look like an extra from Titanic! Maybe a purple? I could try a purple…

    • Hahahaha an extra from the Titanic – YES!
      I definitely want to get a darker shade and try that out as I really like the purples I have and think blue would be a similar transition 🙂 xo

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