OOTD: Sheath Beneath

sheath beneath_tangello slip_model and flatlay

Sheath Beneath is a range of fine camisoles and slips that solve all those “I just need to put something underneath” moments. **This slip has been gifted by Sheath Beneath– all opinions are 100% my own**

When I was growing up I thought camisoles and slips were so sexy and grown up. I’d sit and watch mum get dressed for a night out (which didn’t happen very often) and without a doubt she’d always pop on a slip/petticoat (even that word is fabulous!) under her dress to complete her ensemble. I never really understood why she’d wear them until I was much older and buying sheer dresses or tops and thinking “what now”?

I don’t mind showing off a cheeky bra every now and then but it’s not always appropriate, that’s where Sheath Beneath steps in!

sheath beneath_dress_01

Sheath Beneath have designed these super comfortable and lightweight slips and camisoles, in five different shades, to complement those sheer and risqué pieces and turn them into ready-to-wear, ANYTIME! Their goal is to enable women to translate all those looks they love from the runway or the street to a look that suits their personal style and everyday life.

My favourite thing about my Hazy Hydrangea slip, aside from the gorgeous lilac colour, is that it can be worn as a top OR as an undergarment because it doesn’t look like underwear! You can create a cute layered look (below) or pop it on under a dress as it was intended (above).

 I also love the fact that the fabric doesn’t cling and I don’t have to go spraying hairspray all over my body before I pop it on (you know that old chestnut?!) like my silk slips that undoubtedly cling to all the WRONG bits.

sheath beneath_top_01

Do you pass on wearing sheer clothing because you don’t have the right slip to wear underneath?

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  1. Sheer things bug me because singlets that have wide straps and scoop necks can sometimes look daggy and because thin strapped cami tops aren’t good for my thick bra straps #bustygirlproblems. Love that the colour doesn’t look too grannyish and can be worn to show as well as to hide!

  2. Thanks for the “inside look”. It does do great things…a little color underneath and through the more sheer parts of the outside blouse…maybe it’s time to stand out in a cold wind a while…!

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