OOTD: There’s Something A-Boater

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I say it every damn year but I swear THIS is the spring that I will actually go out and regularly enjoy all that gorgeous sunshine, hay fever or no hay fever! Whether it be a picnic with the girls, a walk around the park or a solo reading expedition. What’s the use of a fabulous sun hat if you’re sitting inside all weekend?

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This adorable boater caught my eye while out shopping in Sydney in June but I didn’t end up buying it because it wouldn’t have fit in my hand luggage – total bummer! Of course, I couldn’t stop thinking about it so one day while I was out running some errands for work I maaaaay have ducked into Sportsgirl and grabbed it.

Bring on the sunshine, I say! Especially since I’ve been stockpiling hats as if the apocalypse is nigh. I tend to get a teeny bit obsessed by certain accessories and then buy the shit out of them; scarves, earrings, headbands etc. Anyone else do that?

ootd_there's something a-boater_06

ootd_there's something a-boater_03

Dress: Mix Apparel // Shoes: Rubi Shoes // Boater Hat + Bag: Sportsgirl

And wouldn’t you know, boaters featured in this year’s MSFW Spring Carnival Runway!

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    • Thanks Beth!! I’m so pissed off that they’re taking Mix out of my local Coles – thankfully I’m all signed up to their newsletters so I can check out what’s new online! 🙂 xo

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