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Schwarzkopf Live Colour Pastels Review


For the last three weeks I have been a candy-floss haired enchantress and I’m ABSOLUTELY loving it! As a bottle blonde for most of my adult life it’s been a fabulous shake up and also quite an interesting insight into how people treat others that are a little “different” (for lack of a better word) and their need to make comments.

What started off as an idea to incorporate some pink highlights into my regular blonde foils turned into a fully fledged fuchsia infusion because I believe if you’re gonna do something as fun as pink hair then you better go balls out! AMIRITE?!



After mentioning to my hairdresser that I needed a change and that I loved the accidental highlights that I acquired at Miss Muddy she told me that she’d recently used these Schwarzkopf Live Colour Pastels on her sister and they loved the results and I was sold. Once she slapped that colour on I must admit I had a slight heart attack and wondered what in the actual fuck was I thinking; could I possibly pull off pink hair at 36?

The simple answer? Praise be to Huey Lewis = YES I CAN!


These little sachets of semi-permanent colour pack quite a punch but unfortunately don’t go a long way. For my hair length and thickness I need to use at least four boxes to get an even coverage. After leaving it on for 20 minutes (longer than recommended cos I like to live dangerously) the results are ridiculously super bright on my bleached sections and lighter on my natural hair (above).

The box claims to last 6-8 washes but I’d say it’s more like four before the colour is on its way out. After each wash I notice that it fades quite substantially but each shade of pink in between is really quite pretty; from hot pink through to salmon and then dusty rose. I also really love the way my hair feels super soft once the dye has been washed out, it’s like the colour cream not only leaves a gorgeous hue but also conditions while it’s in.

I know there are other hair dyes out there that would give me a longer lasting colour but I like the fact that this can last up to 2 weeks, depending on how long I can go without washing my hair (and let me tell you it’s a new personal record), and then it fades back into my regular blonde. It also feels like I’m not damaging my hair and it has the best smell ever – redskin lollies! I swear I smell like my breath did back in 1987!!


There are six shades in the Schwarzkopf Live Colour Pastels range; Peach, Turquoise, Cool Grey, Baby Blue, Cotton Candy and Lilac Blush, which I’d like to try once I’m over the pink.

Have you been dyeing (sorry, couldn’t resist!) to try a funky new hair colour?

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  1. Yes, been waiting for this post!!!

    I love the pink hair on you, and if I’m honest then I’m very jealous of all you blonde ladies because pink is so easy for you to get to, not so for us brunettes. I actually spent all day yesterday Googling DIY temporary colours and I am buying some tomorrow!!! So to answer your question: no you are not too old because I’m 41! Not sure how pink it will get doing it at home but as I’m kind of in between hairdressers and not in the mood for them to talk me out of it I say fuck it! I’ll do it myself!!! I have warned my husband and asked if he’ll hate me if worst case scenario it turns out bright as fuck and he’s down with it, so all systems go.

    But again, damn I’m jealous. Flamingo pink definitely suits you. xxx

    • Awwww thanks Ana!! 🙂
      What brand are you using for your colour? Being darker I would probably recommend the Ultra Brights from Schwarzkopf instead of the pastels, but you may have another brand in mind all together.
      I can’t wait to see you hair! You’ll get so many mixed reactions. Some people just don’t get it LOL! xo

      • I’m going into Hairhouse Warehouse tomorrow, they have a few temporary hair dye brands. Manic Panic and Dare look pretty good, but mainly they have hairdressers there and I definitely need to talk to someone who can advise me on the best way to go. I’m just wondering if I should use a colour remover first but it would probably be too many chemicals.

        Thinking about the reactions has made me have some second thoughts over the last few weeks, I remember thinking “what if I’d had pink hair for my Baba’s funeral”, all those wogs would have shit themselves, but mostly I’m like whatever. I’m sure I’ll post about it and do live updates online!

      • Hahahaha oh dear! I can just imagine the shit fit they’d throw!!
        Good idea talking to the hairdresser and getting their advice. I wonder if you’ll need to do it in a couple of steps or just go nuts at once 🙂 xo

  2. Pastel pink hair is the business and suits you down to the ground. At the ripe age of nearly-38, I have a rosewood toner that I put in occasionally to give me some pastel rose gold action but my struggles to get it in evenly means I don’t use it that often because patchy colour is the actual worst and my fear of looking boganic holds me back.

    • BAHAHAHA BOGANIC is now my vernacular! Love it 🙂
      Thanks so much! I must admit my worry was more about how I’d fit in in the corporate world but aside from my boss and a handful of colleagues everyone else seems to love it. I told my boss it only means that his EA is a groovy chick 😛 xo

  3. Whist on holiday I found this fantastic product on the shelves in KMART in Australia… I too am sporting “cotton candy pink” …. at the grand age of 62 !! It certainly turns heads !! Just disappointed that I can’t buy it here in the U.K.

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