Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – Kaiser Chiefs


Kaiser Chiefs

Back in ’04/’05 I was living in the UK, soaking up the sun *snort* and living the high life of a backpacker. There were many things I bitched and moaned about (I fit right in!) like how fecking cold it was, my shit paying job and having to catch the Tube. Also being completely confused when I was asked “You right?” All in all though I bloody loved my time there and one of my favourite things (of course) was hearing all the new British rock coming out. I discovered bands like Arctic Monkeys, Keane, Rooster, Franz Ferdinand, and my favourite, Kaiser Chiefs.

As soon as I heard their first single, Oh My God, on the radio I was hooked. Those loud jangly, fuzzy guitar riffs were giving me LIFE and the lyrics spoke to me; Oh my God I can’t believe it, I’ve never been this far away from home.

 It was pure 70s inspired punk infused rock and it was magical and I needed to hear more. Amazingly enough, my usually very tight boyfriend at the time bought me their album Employment because I kept banging on about them and I loved it from the first listen – which never happens!

Silly me never thought to go and see them live because, as I mentioned, I was broke and too busy saving to travel across Europe. I would’ve loved to have seen them playing in some dinky little venue before they made it big. Maybe in my next life I can live in Europe and follow bands around from gig to gig?


Leeds Lads!

I would highly suggest listening to Employment in it’s entirety this Sunday, preferably at max volume while daggy dancing in your lounge room (sliding across the floor in your socks and head banging is purely optional)! If you’re pressed for time then listen to this tune and enjoy…Happy Sunday dollface!

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      • You never made it oop norf then! Next time come and sample the rainy delights of Manchester. Your hair may get a bit frizzy, though.

      • In the 90’s there was the unhealthy competition between Oasis and Blur. Being a Mancunian, (and Man City fan) I was an Oasis fan, but Blur are cool too. And a lot more versatile.

      • I seem to recall they came out at the same time for us and Oasis were all about the Gallagher brothers who looked like major dickheads LOL! I may need to delve back into the 90s Brit Pop catalogue 🙂

      • Oasis were huge at the time ( there is a documentary film out soon about them called Supersonic. It’s by the team who did Senna and Amy, about Amy Winehouse. Have you seen that?)

        Noel was okay, Liam was the idiot! The Madchester scene back then. We had The Stone Roses and The Smiths. Morrissey still inspires a certain fanaticism among his fans. Don’t think he gets them dancing though 🙂

      • Hahaha I love The Smiths and no, don’t ever really feel like dancing when I hear them!
        I loved the doco about Amy Winehouse, I really liked her a lot more after I saw it, such a sad waste 😦

      • I saw the Amy film first at the cinema, and loved it. So sad to see her public disintegration. She was lost and needed someone, anyone, to help her.
        I was in Camden Town market in London a couple of months ago and there was a couple of murals of her there as she used to work on a stall there selling clothes before she was famous.
        Think it would be Dollface Heaven 🙂

  1. Employment is pure nostalgia for me. It was one of the first albums I bought. I need to give it a listen again!

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