Frocktober 2016 – Day 8 – 14


We’re almost halfway through Frocktober and I’ve nearly smashed my personal fundraising target. WOOHOO! Please don’t let that stop you from donating if you’d like to chip in a couple of bucks…let’s knock this one out of the ball park and donate a stack of cash to OCRF!

Oh, and in case you hadn’t noticed – I’ve gone purple…


Day 8 – 11


DayΒ 12 – 14

Frocktober Total (as at Friday 14th October) = $869.25

Frocktober Goal = $1,000

Still Needed = $130.75

If you’d like to donate (and remember, no amount is too small!) please clink on this link here. Thanks to everyone that’s donated!!

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  1. The last time I went purple was when eating steak without chewing properly. Probably why I’m now vegetarian. Now I go red when tying my laces.
    Congratulations on your fundraising.

  2. LOVE the cut of the dress with the teal coloured belt! Gorgeous! Hangs beautifully.
    I had never heard of frocktober. Then someone else I knew did dressember and I was like, how do I not know about these things?!

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