Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life (Oz-tober Edition!) – Monique Brumby


Monique Brumby

Back in the late 90s when I thought I was a little bit Indie (I really wasn’t) and a whole lotta cool (*ahem* wrong again) I absolutely, without a doubt was obsessed with Monique Brumby. I can’t remember whether it was Tez who introduced me to her music (most probably) or whether I’d heard it played on my fave Aussie show at the time, Heartbreak High, but I just couldn’t get enough of her infectious girl-power rock attitude, her beautifully penned lyrics and her gorgeous, dynamic voice!

Our love for Monique was so strong and deep that for a solid two years, around 1997-1999, Tez and I would follow her play around Melbourne more times than I’d like to admit. Whether it was a dingy pub gig, playing back-up for a bigger name act or a uni open day we’d be there. We would know her set list down to a T – including bonus cover tracks!

As with most obsessions, mine died out soon after its peak. I’m not sure whether my tastes had changed or that I didn’t love her follow up album as much, but I found I just stopped listening to her music and over time I sadly forgot about my love. Thanks to YouTube I can revisit anytime I like!


Tassie lass

Monique’s debut album, Thylacine, was one of the first CDs I dubbed onto tape to play in my car when I got my license and listening to it back now I can see why I loved it so much. Her voice is big and powerful and every song is filled with raw emotion. Happy Sunday dollface…enjoy!

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