Fashion Is Freedom Book Review


“I needed to change my experience into something positive. I want to inspire every other passionate young woman who is clashing with the world around them. I want them to know that they are not alone. And there is freedom in our ability to dream of better worlds.” – Tala Raassi

I am a sucker for a scintillating autobiography and if that story happens to also be about fashion then that’s doubly fabulous! I just finished reading Fashion Is Freedom by Tala Raassi, an Iranian American fashion designer who despite strict regulations, developed a keen sense of style in backroom cafes and secret parties in Iran. It was at one of these parties that 16 year old Tala was arrested by religious police and imprisoned for wearing a mini skirt. But not only was she imprisoned for her “crime” she was also sentenced to 40 lashes with a whip!

Her punishment only made her more determined to lead a life that empowered women freedom through fashion and soon following her stint in prison, Tala moved to the U.S. and started on her inspirational path. Her story went global after writing about her experience for Marie Claire, and she was able to spread her message of fashion as a symbol of freedom.

Her rise to fashion glory wasn’t a smooth one, with a couple of failed ventures along the way. Though it must’ve been super tough as a setback for Tala, I found these defeats and her determination to keep succeeding so powerful. She’s now the head of her own swimwear line and continues to go from strength to strength.

If you’re into gutsy chicks that love to dream big this memoir is for you!


 **This book was generously gifted to me – all opinions are 100% my own. **

 Fashion is Freedom, Tala Raassi – RRP $29.99

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  1. I have a book on Amazon, you know. It may not be your thing-it’s a poetry collection. But if you like fashion then I’m wearing a black jumper on the back of it.

  2. This sounds like a great read, I’ll be keeping an eye out!

    OT – I couldn’t comment at the time because I wasn’t signed in on my phone and EFFORT but when you mentioned Heartbreak High the other day? I was like OMG YASSS GIRL, DRAZIC 4 EVA. Those cheekbones!! That eyebrow ring!!

    • Bahahaha YAAAAAAAAAS Drazic for ever!! (I think I even had that scrawled on my school diary!) On a side note, I went out on Tinder date a couple of years ago with a HH Alumni for the sheer bragging rights!

      • I almost certain I still have a Callan Mulvey poster tucked away somewhere as I couldn’t bear to put his lovely face into the recycling bin. Now trying to remember who else was in HH that might be dateable but it’s pretty much all Drazic and Abby Tucker for me.

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