Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life (Oz-tober Edition!) – CDB


What is it about the mix of music and teenagers that brings about such manic obsession? (Some may argue I still have this obsession in my 30s!) We’ve all had those bands/singers, when we were kids, that we just absolutely gagged over. Music that you would listen to over and over and OVER again. Every square inch of your bedroom walls plastered with posters of these bands, so much so that you fall asleep with them on your mind and have nights filled with dreams sprinkled with their tunes. I’ve had plenty of bands in my teenage years that I was absolutely nuts over, as you know (and a dozen others I’ll keep to myself for the sheer cringe factor); New Kids On The Block, East 17, Chris Isaak, etc. Another band to add to the list was Melbourne’s own CDB.

It was 1995, my hormones were on overdrive and I had my heart and ears set on this R&B quartet. Their harmonies were gorgeous, their songs were filled with catchy hooks and being local they played every shopping centre pretty much every other weekend! So obsessed were Tez and I that we followed them everywhere and saw them so often we eventually learnt their back-up singers dance moves! Tez won a competition to announce them on stage at the Melbourne show that year and we got to hang out with them backstage – YAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!! (I tried desperately to find the pics, alas, they’re nowhere to be found!)

41187 Essential CDB Book.indd

My teenage obsession!

CDB had their day in the sun and all moved on in the late 90s. They did reform a couple of years ago and performed with Salt n’ Pepa which was an awesome show (ummm, of course I went!). It doesn’t matter how many years pass or how old I get their music still makes me smile. This Sunday let these Melbourne lads woo you with this sweet R&B tune…enjoy!

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