Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life (Oz-tober Edition!) – Pseudo Echo


Pseudo Echo

When I was 15 I would spend most Saturday nights at home with my bestie, Tez, and we’d have the place to ourselves. More often than not we’d order pizzas and settle in for a night of either the latest release from Blockbuster or the newest episode of MTVs Liquid Television. But before we were ready to camp down for the evening we would go through my brothers’ and sister’s record collections and play songs from a dozen or so albums while dancing around the living room. Pseudo Echo were on VERY high rotation (as well as Wa Wa Nee – another Aussie band that was the soundtrack to my life)!

Almost a decade after they were at their peak on the Oz charts I managed to become obsessed with Pseudo Echo. Hey, I never said I was progressive!! Even though my sister was a huge fan in the 80s it took me until the mid 90s to truly appreciate and luuuuurve their home-grown synth-pop fabulousness. Of course I knew their songs having grown up with their music, but it was the thrill of discovering them for myself that cemented them as a firm favourite. Totally retro and oh so hipster!

Also, they had THE best hair! I mean just look at these amazing perms…


So much YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS for this hair!

 Over the years I daresay that I have seen Pseudo Echo play live more than any other band, most recently this past August. Every time that synth starts up my heart skips a beat and I know I’m in for a great show. This Sunday pop your hair into a high ponytail, scrunch your socks down low and bop along to this awesome track.

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