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Happy Halloween boils and ghouls!!

I’ve just spent most of the weekend watching a dedicated A Nightmare On Elm Street channel on cable – I have them all on DVD but there’s something special about watching your fave movies when they’re on telly don’t you think?

Another crazy month has come and gone and the end of the year is speeding up very quickly but I guess I just have to embrace it. I mean, sometimes you think you’re having a bad day and then you go and make some breakfast and your eggs (above) even tell you not to sweat the small stuff!


The month started off with the AFL Grand Final and watching the game in the local pop up park. It was a fun day out cheering and hollering with the fam as the Western Bulldogs (local team) hadn’t won in something like 60 years. The atmosphere was electric and when that final siren went the crowd went NUTS!


Another month, another hair colour? It truly seems as if I’m going through some kind of quarter life (I refuse to think I’m in “mid-life”) crisis but I am so digging these funky new colours. Currently I’m lavender and who knows this may be the last time I do it but then again I’ve been having so much fun and the conversations that have started with total strangers have been hilarious.


It’s been years since I last ran a 10km fun run and a couple of weeks ago I did just that in the Melbourne Marathon Festival. Of course being the longest run in like, FOREVER, my foot decided it wasn’t happy about it and my plantar fasciitis (basically arch and heel inflammation) reared it’s ugly head.

I wasn’t surprised, for approximately two kilometres my foot was completely numb and I was trying to walk it off but it wouldn’t budge. I figured I would have to walk back to the finish line to meet my sister anyway so I may as well run there! My time was no where near my personal best but I was pretty excited to finish and run a lap of the MCG – even if I was hobbling around and gobbling painkillers for the next week!!


This month’s Sunday Sessions featured all Aussie artists and while I was reading up on Monique Brumby I found out that she was playing a gig to celebrate the 20th anniversary of her first album. SCORE! It was a fabulous show and I was surprised that I still knew most of the lyrics to all the songs. Why is it I can remember that but trying to remember if I’ve turned off my hair curler stumps me every time?!


Of course I also went to Derby Day on Saturday just past and all my outfit pics will be up this week. It was a fun day out with the girls and thankfully we didn’t get rained on this year!

Amongst all the shits and giggles I managed to finish three books. Fashion Is Freedom by Tala Rassii which I told you all about. I also read Saving Grace by Jane Green (a great page turner!) as well Amy Schumer’s memoir The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo – hilairs!

Oh, and of course – FROCKTOBER, people!

 As usual, there has been so many fabulous blog posts I’ve read over the past month…

  • I love clearing out my wardrobe as much as possible and I love these tips on how to clean your closet in less than 30 minutes – say what?!
  • What do you like about yourself? We have such a culture of tearing ourselves down which is so draining. This post reminds us to like the little things about ourselves. I like that I can tell a great story!
  • Oh how I’d love my cats to be tidy little things (hot tip; they’re not!) and I so love this idea for a DIY litter box cover. Somehow I think Hamish and Andi would poop outside of it to spite me!

How was your October dollface? Are you off to trick or treat today?

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  1. First of all, every month you freak me out that another month is over.

    Good on you for the marathon, that’s so awesome. I tried running but it wasn’t for me and I admire people who stuck at it and do actual marathons!

    Loving the hair, it suits you so much. Definitely keep it a bit more!

    And frocktober, such a great job. You’re on fire this month!

    • Tell me about it! When I see the “Lately” post in my blog schedule each month I think “Oh that’s ages away” and then before you know it it’s here!!
      Thanks so much Ana 🙂 xo

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