Frocktober 2016 – Round Up



31 days of dresses (well, minus the day I was stuck in a robe and that could possibly, kinda, sorta be seen as a dress – work with me here) and let’s just say I still had a few more dresses up my sleeve. As a friend pointed out on Facebook I have a LOT of dresses, more than the average bear, and I’ve finally realised I may have a bit of a problem. They’re all so pretty though!


Day 22 – 24 


Day 25 – 28 


Day 29 – 31

Frocktober Final Total  = $1,632.20

Frocktober Goal = $1,000

Thank you so, so much to everyone that has donated!! I am absolutely stoked with everyone’s generosity and beyond excited that I smashed my goal. Now…where are those jeans?

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