OOTD: Workin’ It In PJs


Ugh! Monday mornings can be so tough! And Tuesday mornings, and Wednesdays…you get my drift. When my alarm goes off I immediately think about how many hours I have to get through before I can go to bed again. We’ve all been there, right? I’m not always such a sourpuss but sometimes just the thought of my morning routine sends me into despair. Having to choose an outfit, yes even when you have loads of clothes to choose from, is sometimes a little too much on the ol’ noggin so early in the morning. That’s why I thought why not make life a little easier on yourself on those mornings when it’s all too hard?


A while ago now a bunch of friends and I were chatting about making our PJs work appropriate. Could you get away with rolling over in the morning and wearing your pyjamas to work? I figured that you could, providing that you put in a teensy bit of effort. Obviously first things first ladies, you’d have to pop on a bra! But other than that it wouldn’t take too much… a blazer, heels, some bling and a swatch of lippy and you go from zzzzz to zazzy!


These new comfy AF Kmart cuffed PJ bottoms are so ideal for taking it from the bedroom to the boardroom. I love the nautical stripe and thought they’d work a treat being pulled up a little and with a blazer on top. Nobody need know that I was lolling about in them the night before!


PJ Pants, Top, Sandals + Bag; Kmart // Blazer: H&M // Necklace: Francesca’s (similar)

Have you ever worn your pyjamas to work? How did you get away with it?

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