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How in the name of Huey Lewis is it December at the end of this week?! Just like Marilyn here, I feel like I need to have a drink to comprehend…or is it because I’ve had too many drinks that the year has flown by? Never mind, don’t answer that!

Although November has been quite busy, in comparison to other months, it’s actually been quite relaxed, rejuvenating and reflective…


The month started off with a lovely 5 day girly getaway to Lorne. We slept in, ate lots of scrumptious food and played board games which I haven’t done for THE longest time. Even though the weather could’ve been a hell of a lot nicer for us since we were at the beach, we ended up having a great time rugging up and watching some pretty weird movies (anyone seen The Lobster?).




Earlier in the month I also finally managed to indulge my taste buds at Milk The Cow, a fromagerie here in Melbourne. It’s been on my to-do list for the longest time. What can I say? Two of my most favourite things paired together; cheese and wine = heaven! I definitely need to go back as there were way too many types to choose from.


I also managed to get out on ONE of the nice weekends we had (Mother Nature, where in the hell did spring go?) and took some snacks, a rug and the latest book I’m reading and sat out in the glorious sun. It was a gorgeous little impromptu picnic that was exactly what was needed. It really got me excited for my upcoming forced Christmas break and the possibilities of more days lazing in the great outdoors.


There was also a catch up with some old uni friends that was very lovely and civilised (waaaaaaay more civilised than we ever were at uni!). We had a lot of laughs reminiscing about our life as serious actors *ahem* and all the shit we got up to.


My sister took me on another trip down memory lane with tickets to see a re-screening of the Aussie classic, Storm Boy. Good ol’ K has the worst memory but for some reason this movie stands out from her childhood. We both hadn’t seen it since primary school (has anyone?) and it was so sweet to be able to see this together.


Reading has been a little slow this month but I did manage to smash through Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project. I love her idea of adopting simple, daily rituals to gain more internal happiness. I’m currently re-reading Stephen King’s From A Buick 8 and I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it up to see an old letter from a friend. It was written in 2003 while I was working as a camp counsellor in the U.S. and it instantly took me back to that summer.

 As usual, there has been so many fabulous blog posts I’ve read over the past month…

  • Gah, 2017 is seriously just around the corner, but before the New Year rings in here are 1o things you need to do before the clock strikes midnight!
  • It seems my love for unicorn hair is growing and I absolutely adore Zoe London’s rainbow hair – alas she even admits it’s just way too hard to manage.
  • Right about now all I wanna do is kick back and enjoy my Xmas/summer hols and I cannot wait to sip on three one of these North Pole cocktails!

How was your November dollface? Do you feel like you need to press Pause for a little while?

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  1. Looks like a really great November was had! Mine has been OK. A bit boring, even! Although, we did just have a kid free getaway last weekend – yes! I’ve been excited for December to begin – the time when I can officially become a Christmas obsessed idiot and have lots of social things to do! I’ve been a bit stir crazy!

  2. I know, November: WTF!!! Looks like you had a great month, and yay for the five day getaway! So much outdoors too which is always good. Great pics too. xxx

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