Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – The Anti-Soundtrack Edition


When I came up with the idea of Sunday Sessions, what feels like many moons ago now, I had to list out all 52 artists/bands/singers before I knew I could go ahead with the series. I also knew that when I listed the music that had an impact on my life that had to include the good AND the bad. Just like there’s a yin to every yang, just like every night has its dawn, just like every cowboy sings his sad, sad song….ahem

Like most music fans I have a list of artists/bands/singers that I just cannot get into. The Anti-Soundtrack to my life, if you will. I feel like it’s easier to tell people who I’m not a fan of then who I am, as the list is far shorter. This list of bands/singers/noise pollution are ones that I will flick the station on faster than Usain Bolt at the Olympics. If I hear even a smidgen of a song I feel like my day is ruined (slight exaggeration). There’s no specific reason why I despise their music so much, I mean I’m sure they’re nice people, but I just can’t stand to listen to them.


So without further ado, here’s a list of artists you won’t be finding in my Spotify playlists:


Wendy Matthews – just UGH!

Billy Joel

Vanessa Amorosi

Pink Floyd


Phil Collins

Phew, that felt good to get off my chest! I’d also like to give a special mention to The Cranberries for their shitful tune, Zombie, and to 4 Non-Blondes for What’s Up. What’s going on? NOT YOUR SONG, THAT’S WHAT!! – if I ever hear these songs again it’ll be too soon. Blame being a radio rat in the 90s!


Now, you didn’t think I’d actually pop any video links to these fuckers did you? No thank you!

I wanna know which bands or singers you can’t stand. Is there a Bryan Adams who haunts your life?

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  1. OMG, Bryan Adams is top of my list, ditto Coldplay and Bon Jovi. And I do like one Billy Joel song but yes to the rest of your list!!!

  2. COLDPLAY YAAASSS. How’s this; we got married in Vegas and I walked down the aisle to Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve (I know, I’m cool AF) and they had a keyboard player in the chapel that kind of played along with it, all good, all cool until the Verve finishes and he segues into Clocks by Coldplay. You can legit see me realising it in the video and all my friends thought it was HILAIRE. GAAAH.

    I also find Shania Twain very difficult to tolerate.

  3. “…Every rose has its thorn” Damn, now that is stuck there.
    Vanessa Amorosi only had like a couple of hits so she is probably easy to avoid 🙂
    I have VERY eclectic musical tastes. I like something from basically every genre of music there is I think. Artists that bug me include (probably going to get hate for this one, but…) Bieber (except for that recent song he had out last year which I didn’t realise was Bieber until someone told me), also Paris Hilton, I mean seriously WTF?! Rebecca Black and Kanye for days, but especially on Fridays!

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