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Merry Christmas dollface!

What? A Lately… post and there’s still a week left of December, whatchoo talkin’ ’bout Willis? I hear you ask. Well it is Christmas after all and there’s so much preparation and hoopla going on I thought I’d share my month with you a tad early and do a little recap of 2016.

A huge highlight from December was definitely seeing Diesel live and getting a quick pic with him. I also went to see one-time Prince drummer and all round bad-ass percussionist Sheila E, which rounded off my live gigs for 2016. I went to a whopping 15 gigs this year and it looks like 2017 is going to be even bigger. I already have 12 booked in for the first six months – YOWZA!


I also tried a new hair colour this month but alas it wasn’t anywhere nearly as vibrant as pink or purple. This time around I thought I’d try out a little peachy hue but it really didn’t take to my hair all that much for some reason. Sigh!

I liked having wacky colours for the last five months or so as it’s helped keep the hairdressing scissors away from my hair as I try to grow it. I find I get to this length and I get bored and want to cut it all off again but I’m determined to get a couple more inches to it before I do anything too drastic. Instead of colouring my hair again I’ve just changed up my side part to a middle part and it’s as if I’ve had a face lift because I’ve been getting LOADS of comments on it – so weird! Who knew a hair part could make such a difference?


One of my favourite Melbourne based beauty brands, Enbacci, had a launch for their new Age Revitalising Age Defence Eye Cream and I was lucky enough to score an invitation. It was lovely catching up with all of my fave Melbourne blogger ladies and also meeting some new ones that I’ve since stalked the shit out of on Instagram.

Over the course of 2016 I’ve been out to five blogger events, which isn’t all that much when you look back but then again I’m only a small fry compared to others in the blogosphere so it’s all relative.

This year, more than previous years, I’ve really struggled finding motivation for A Red Lip And A Nude Shoe. I’ve battled over whether to quit the blog and start living a normal life again (HA!) or to continue and it all comes down to why do I blog? Obviously it’s not for the fame or fortune (snort) but for the true love of writing and sharing my stories with you all. So you’ll all have to put up with me for another year at least as I’ve had a crazy brainstorming session and my blogging calendar is looking very buxom indeed!


It’s also been a great year for me getting back into my running and looking back I can’t believe I’ve participated in six fun runs; Miss Muddy (more a fun obstacle walk than run), Run 4 The Kids, Mother’s Day Classic, Run Melbourne, Melbourne Marathon and finally Carman’s  Women’s Fun Run (formerly the Sussan’s Classic) a couple of weeks ago.

I have a long way to go to get back to smashing any personal bests but you have to start somewhere, right? This last run also triggered something in my sick brain and now I’m determined to run a half marathon next year. In the words of Kanye (a fabulous song to run to BTW) N-now th-that that don’t kill me, can only make me stronger! Harder, better faster, stronger in 2017.


Aside from struggling with my blogging mojo I’ve also been struggling with my usual body issue demons so I went to see Taryn Brumfit’s documentary, Embrace, again to reset my way of thinking and to truly EMBRACE my body and all it can do instead of what it looks like. Have you seen this film? YOU MUST! I think everyBODY should see it as it is an eye opener, especially for those, like me, who struggle with body acceptance.

I loved Taryn’s message so much that I bought her book, also titled Embrace, and it’s the next book I’m reading. This year I’ve managed to read 24 books, which isn’t anywhere near as many as I used to read. Another goal for 2017 is to put down the iPhone and the wasteful toggling back and forth from Instagram to Facebook to Twitter and back to Instagram every 10 minutes and read more. In fact, look out for a new monthly series starting in 2017, Rosie’s Reading…


What a year, hey?! There are so many memes and messages going around about what an awful year 2016 has been for everyone, but aside from some of my favourite music people dying this year hasn’t been all too bad in the Rockets household. Everyone’s health seems to be in tact and we’re all relatively sane and in good spirits. A pretty average year, if you ask me.

There were loads of shenanigans and oodles of laughs, a handful of interstate jaunts and some road trips but sadly no overseas travel. There was also two wardrobe challenges and another still to come (watch this space), with lots of money raised for charity.

How was your 2016? Was it the pits like everyone else’s or the best year of your life thus far?

If I don’t get the chance to talk to you before the end of the year HAPPY NEW YEAR dollface and may 2017 be your best yet! 💋💋 Thanks again for reading A Red Lip And A Nude Shoe for another year.


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  1. 12 gigs for 2017?! That’s it, I’m moving!! You Aussies might have giant spiders but I gotta move there! Lol

    Glad you had a pretty good 2016! Happy to see what you do in the new year! Merry Christmas! 🙂

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