12 Days of Jeans-mas! ~ Day One


Everyone knows I luuuuuuuuurve a wardrobe challenge! Be it Frocktober or the 30 Day Winter Wardrobe Challenge or the Sing-a-Rainbow challenge I did many, MANY moons ago, there’s something about a daily prompt that gets my fashionista juices flowing.

When Frocktober came to an end a friend of mine suggested doing “Denim-cember” but I just laughed off the idea. Firstly because I’d JUST finished a month long challenge of wearing dresses and trying to hustle money for charity (that’s a huge job!) but the main reason was because I don’t think I even own 30 pieces of denim (does anyone?)

Once the idea was planted I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Could I possibly get through 30 days of denim? I started making a list of all my denim pieces and I barely had 2 weeks worth….

Hmmmm 2 weeks, just like my Denim Skirt Plus Challenge* I did over my Christmas break before I started blogging…



BAM! *drops mic*


On the First day of Christmas my true love sent to me
a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Alas, I have no partridge or a pear tree or even any Partridge family memorabilia! What I do have is a tree of life necklace and a fabulously colourful scarf – same same really.



Top, Skirt, Shoes: Kmart // Scarf: Drunk on Water // Necklace: I bought this years ago in Bali (similar)

*These are the pics from my Denim Skirt Plus challenge on Instagram, you can read more about it here





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