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Brite Organix Masque For Blonde Hair Review


After spending the last six months or so of 2016 with fabulously, whacky colourful hair I’ve finally packed up the plastic gloves and mixing bowl and decided to embrace my bleach blonde locks again. I absolutely loved having a different look but I decided it was a little too hard to manage and wasn’t all that cost effective.

I figure that I’ve put my hair through it’s paces and thought it was time that I gave it some extra love and attention and treat myself to a much needed hair mask. I especially wanted to try one specifically for blondes as I’m almost due for a salon visit and wanted to take some of the brassiness out and pop some nutrients back in.

I’ve used quite a few different purple shampoos in the past as they work fabulously on blonde hair to hide brassy tones. The thinking behind that is that when we wash our hair with purple shampoo, our hair absorbs a small amount of purple pigment, which cancels out red and yellow (brassy) undertones. So a purple hair mask would basically do the same thing, right?!


I’d heard lots of good things about Brite Organix and their organic, ethical hair products and I thought that it sounded like a winner. I was ready to get my hair back to awesome, as the pack claimed.

What I didn’t expect from the Brite Organix Masque For Blonde Hair (Blackcurrant) ($9.99 at Priceline) was for it to turn my hair purple! Now I know you might me thinking “But Rosie, you just HAD purple hair, so what’s the big deal?” Well it totally stained my hair expectantly! What the actual?


Even after three shampoos (and vigorous ones at that) my hair is still a lovely shade of lavender! It’s soft and feels lovely but it’s BLOODY PURPLE!

Have any other blondes tried this and found a similar result?

 I’d be interested to hear how the other masque’s in the range are and whether they’d be worth trying. In regards to this one I’d give it a wide berth if you’re not up for stained hair.

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  1. Hair and chemicals we put on it is like a chemistry experiment. My daughter has naturally brown hair. She had it colored teal and various shades of blue, when she decided to get all of the color out, it took many appointments with her colorist to gently get all the color out. Here’s the funny thing…. with each process they’d get the color out, but each time she’d go in to lighten the color the blue/green would come back. Basically the “old” color would react to the processing solution. So I imagine something in the hair mask reacted to your old color and just brought it out again. On the bright side, your hair is beautiful! 🙂 Happy new year!!

  2. I appreciate Jonathan Caswell sending me here to meet you, thinking we would enjoy each other’s blogs. I am like your Mom or grandma (?) But I like art, nature, some humor and in my life I have enjoyed fashion. You may find the beginning love stories I collected and my dating stories (100 men in 6 months! Yikes!) Smiles, Robin

  3. This is an interesting masque! Lol! I’ve wanted to try something that would temporarily change my blonde.

    • Thanks Rachel, I feel it’s best to be honest because I’d hate for this to happen to someone else 🙂
      I’ve heard such good things about the other masks so I think I’ll try them so Brite Organix can redeem themselves LOL! xo

  4. I just put this in my hair and loat track of time so was on for about 20 min and washed it out and to be honest im not sure my blonde is any less brassy. Its super soft and smells lovely but thats about it..after reading your review i freaked out and went and look at my hair to see if it was purple lol luckly for me its not..not sure if i would use it again though

    • Oh thank god, you dodged a bullet LOL! I think the purple was a result from my previous colours but you can never be too sure!
      Have you used any others in the Brite range Kay?

  5. I have tried this because I am a natural Platinum/white blonde but of course I love to get my hair done and I loved it, it didn’t turn my hair purple at all !! But also I haven’t colored it in over a year I just used it to give it a little something something

      • I totally would!!! It did wonders for my hair believe it or not, it was softer and it helped with the frizz too, I hope it works for you like it did for me 🙂

  6. That’s a surprise? I used it several times but I never came out with purple hair. I had bleached blonde hair, and it didn’t turn purple at all. I did have pretty soft hair, but overall I prefer the mango mask for dry hair. Maybe try one of the others instead!

    • I think it may have been due to having purple hair months before and somehow the masque had a reaction to the chemicals that had been in my hair 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ Either way I’ll definitely try the mango one 😊

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