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Hey hey dollface and welcome back to my Lately… series for 2017!

I can’t quite fathom that it’s been a whole year since I first began this series and I think from all the fabulous feedback I received throughout 2016 it was a hit. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? So I’ll be bringing you highlights from my month that was once again sans what books I’m reading as that now features in my OTHER monthly series, Rosie’s Reading…

Right, did we catch all that?



January has been a whirlwind of a month as it started out with me still on Christmas vacay and finishing off 12 Days of Jeans-mas, which I had so much fun putting together. What started out as a bit of a ball-ache because I thought denim was dead actually finished in a jubilation of jeans!!

I also finished my mini staycation off by going to the see the Viktor&Rolf: Fashion Artists exhibition at the NGV. I was blown away by these genius Dutch designers and their amazing vision for “wearable art”. Throughout the exhibition each design was also made in miniature form and worn by these cute/creepy AF dolls. I was utterly mesmerised by them.

If you’re in Melbourne, or planning to visit, make sure you check out this exhibition before it ends on the 26th February.



The Australian Open also hit (pun intended) Melbourne this month and Tez and I went to see Birds of Tokyo play at the AO Festival. This was the first of MANY gigs I have lined up for 2017 and it was a fun and disgustingly sweaty night out. I do love the atmosphere of the Oz Open and this year they’ve expanded the entertainment area to an even bigger and better spectacle, with loads of food trucks, a bigger music stage and a huge bar/viewing area, you know, to watch the actual tennis! Here’s hoping they keep the same format for years to come.


We also went down to Mornington for a weekend away to see non other than Australian music royalty, John Farnham! It was a great line up at the Red Hot Summer Tour (and it was a red hot bloody day!) with Shannon Noll, Taxi Ride, The Black Sorrows and James Reyne playing alongside Farnsy. The only downside was the audience! Ugh, there’s no helping bogans and their lack of manners.



I’ve never been known to have a green thumb, in fact you can call it downright black as I tend to kill all the plants I’ve tried to grow over the years. Miraculously our new plants have started flowering and I just HAD to share this pic of these gorgeous blooms. You could have bowled me over with a feather when I discovered them the other evening when I was out watering the plants.


I’m also kinda pooping myself now as I’ve bit the bullet and entered into the Great Ocean Road Half Marathon in May…WTF?!! I’ve started back with my short runs but next month starts the “real” training and it’ll be interesting to see how I fit it all in with all my funsies without burning out.


How was your January? Has 2017 started off on the right foot?

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  1. Some quality music experience.
    I can’t even with the dolls. The clothes are nice, but as you said they are creepy AF 🙂
    What it the gaytime-esq eatable with the Australian flag in it?

      • I don’t know, I am sure I liked them as a kid, but they creep me out now. I think it is because their eyes follow you.
        Ooh that sounds grand! I was thinking that it looked like a cross between a gaytime and a lamington and in my head that was amazing 🙂

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